The “Evil” of CRM systems



Many marketers believe that implementing CRM in their business model yields cost reduction and improve their business’s productivity. But the truth is quite different.


According to our research, organizations who have actually used the CRM don’t really see that much of a “progress” on any level!

Most of these individual, after having dealt with CRM and all related activities reply only with this statement; “why fix a problem when it is not broken?”


These individuals believed that all CRM does is waste time and energy that could have been otherwise used for more productive activities. Others say that the proclaimed CRM systems track the sales representative’s performances and can thus only be useful for performance evaluation.


Another issue with CRM is the complexity of CRM systems. With too much complications and procedures laid out for even the simplest CRM solution, the whole concept feels like a crap and the actual end result doesn’t even feel worth it.


As you can see, if proper steps aren’t taken, however, CRM system implementation can be a huge disadvantage and waste of money. Therefore, its important to do proper preparation and get proper assistance in-order to achieve CRM success.  When employing a CRM to its maximum potential, the advantages and the benefits it brings will outweight the disadvantages. Organizations will be able to save time and resources, build their customer loyalty and increase their bottom line. Below are some of the benefits that successful CRM implementation can bring to an organisation.


Act on every lead
Leads are the most important source of intel for your sales team. The tell you who has been contacted and who has not, among various other important pieces of information. Make sure that your leads do not slip by and are organized in a way that is beneficial for your business.


Bring the Focus Back to Selling
CRM solutions actually streamline your routine tasks such as pricing, order processing and other administrative tasks. This makes it easier for your sales representative to spend more time to work on their relationships with their potential customers.


Stronger Customer Relationships
The key of every business’s success is understanding their customers and their particular needs and wants, and with CRM you can do that and so much more with quite some ease. CRM solutions proved highly interactive analytical tools which have the power to provide accurate insight about your clients. This allows you to make better customer relationships and hence expand your business further.


Access to Best Practices
CRM solutions provide a great database containing all your past sales and related interactions this giving your sale’s representatives a step-by-step guidance to further improve their sales method and employ better techniques and practices.


Match leads with the right sales reps
With CRM solutions at your disposal, you can finally find the right type of sales representatives for the right type of prospect, thus taking your business that much closer to its eminent success.


Always Proactive
The CRM solutions make sure that your sales representative never miss out on any lead, thanks to their amazing tracking capabilities. Stay one step ahead when it comes to following leads.


Reduce lengthy Meetings
Every interaction a rep has with a lead can be recorded, so managers can monitor how everyone is doing whenever and wherever without lengthy meetings. Time is money! Save your sales teams precious time by monitoring every meeting and calling the one which takes unwantedly long. This allows easier management of time and thus increases productivity.


Lead information is uniform and comprehensive
All the information about your leads is kept in prospective, making it easier for you to manage and thus make important related decisions that could prove to be extremely beneficial.


Organized and better Time Management
Time management is everything! And with CRM solution, there is no way you can waste time! The calendar function keeps you organized with all interactions recorded and allows you to manage future meetings.


Encourage Collaboration and Teamwork
Sales reps are always aware of their performance and also everyone else’s. This helps them learn and improve on a constant basis, while maintaining a productive sense of competition among their co-workers.


Reporting and forecast for the future
Probably the best thing about CRM solutions is the reports that they provide which are truly time saying while being greatly accurate and precise. This sheer fact gives you time to improve your sales operations rather than wasting time making reports.


In today’s era, mobility is just as important for a successful management as anything else.
CRM solutions allows you to access it from your phone, making it that much easier for you to carry out effective management from anywhere in the world.


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The new PIC Bonus from IRAS – Budget 2013

The Singapore Government is offering more incentives to SMEs  to improve productivity by enhancing on the existing Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme by introducing a new PIC Cash Bonus for participating firms.


Companies that spend a minimum of $5,000 in PIC activities in a year will receive a dollar-for-dollar cash bonus. The bonus will be capped at $15,000 per year over 3 years of assessment – YA2013 to YA2015. This PIC bonus will be paid on top of the existing PIC benefits.


PIC Bonus example


Tap on this bonus now for IT implementation to assist in your business now.

For more information on CRM, click here or call +65 6100 8081 to learn more about CRM and other IT Solutions.

7 Tactics to Make Your CRM Strategy More Effective

Determining the effectiveness of a CRM software investment goes far beyond ROI estimation during a business case pitch. Achieving results to a tangible impact is crucial in proving the ultimate value of CRM initiatives.

Many a times, expectations are not properly set from the start. In fact, much too often CRM software initiative is normally viewed as a technology focused, CIO driven project and this results in disappointment and failure.

While many agree that CRM initiative should not be technology driven, few know what to do from here to make Customer Relationship Management solutions truly work. To help you move your CRM initiative forward, here are 7 top tactics to make your initiative meet or exceed expectations. Read the rest of the entry »

Importance of CRM

Customer Relationship Management is the strongest and the most efficient approach in maintaining and cultivating relationships with customers. It is not only good business but also allows you to communicate new ideas and create strong personal bonds between you and your customers.


As the economic environment continues to fluctuate, many organisations are asking themselves what strategies they can pursue to bring tangible business benefits while taking stock of the economic conditions.

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Benefits of CRM

There are many benefits that a well implemented CRM system can do to a company. CRM system are normally broken down into 3 components which are; sales, marketing ans customer support. Therefore, i have break down the benefits of implementing CRM system into these 3 section.


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Why CRM ?

We do not need CRM!!!
Sales Reps believe it is use more for sales management functions such as performance reporting and forecasting which do not help them day to day and normally CRM systems are too complicated to use and it adds another layer to make their work tougher. This also means that the management will be able to track of their activities and reveal their inadequacies.


CRM has clearly demonstrated its ability to help sales reps improve their ability to sell and significantly increase their success rates. Survey shows that 72% of firms surveyed mentioned that CRM has a positive affect on sales force performance after implemented.

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What is CRM ?

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a company-wide business strategy designed to reduce costs and increase profitability by solidifying customer loyalty. True CRM brings together information from all data sources within an organization (and where appropriate, from outside the organization) to give one, holistic view of each customer in real time. This allows customer facing employees in such areas as sales, customer support, and marketing to make quick yet informed decisions on everything from cross-selling and up-selling opportunities to target marketing strategies to competitive positioning tactics. Read the rest of the entry »