7 Tactics to Make Your CRM Strategy More Effective

Determining the effectiveness of a CRM software investment goes far beyond ROI estimation during a business case pitch. Achieving results to a tangible impact is crucial in proving the ultimate value of CRM initiatives.

Many a times, expectations are not properly set from the start. In fact, much too often CRM software initiative is normally viewed as a technology focused, CIO driven project and this results in disappointment and failure.

While many agree that CRM initiative should not be technology driven, few know what to do from here to make Customer Relationship Management solutions truly work. To help you move your CRM initiative forward, here are 7 top tactics to make your initiative meet or exceed expectations.

1. Reward Adoption

No CRM application will perform unless staff and salespeople actually use the system. Therefore, high adoption rates are essential to success. Example can be such as only paid commission to your sales person if their contracts or opportunities are keying into the CRM system. Most importantly the declaration must be simple and clear to understand. Other similar tactics can be used with other departments to ensure adoption and compliance across the board.


2. Revamp and Refocus the Metrics

Shift from efficiency-focused metrics to effectiveness metrics. β€œIt is not just about reducing the average handling time but it is about how effective or how well the time is being use. In fact success in only time reducing can even affect areas in customer satisfaction and thus the brand.” – Glenn Tay, Director, Plexure Pte Ltd. “Companies need to map each customer touch point and determine what a successful interaction looks like from the customer’s viewpoint and develop the tools and processes to deliver an exceptional experience.”


3. Refine your objectives of CRM implementation

Don’t just tweak your CRM software for operational reasons. Look at problems and opportunities from a three-dimensional perspective instead. “A CRM practitioner should look for tool and solution rationalization for the three layers of decision making β€” Strategic, Tactical and Operational,” advises L. N. Balaji, President of US Operations for ITC Infotech. Evaluate each change and execution according to how it impacts each of these three decision-making perspectives.


4. Start your own CRM communities

With the popular usage of social media, customers will be open to company branded forums, or online communities, which can be used as another extension of your overall CRM approach, and done well, another boost for customer satisfaction and brand value.


5. Break the Silos

Maintaining and building a brand is not just the work of the marketing department. Today, your brand is made or broken across all customer contact channels, and most notably in social interactions, both online and via word-of-mouth. Have the CRM tool to assist you in sharing information across the organisation be it information about a certain customer or information about a certain opportunity.


6. Make Mobile as a Top Priority

Mobile CRM is no longer a stand-alone function. Today, mobile is a necessity for employees, vendors, partners, and customers to interact with the company and each other. A well-defined mobile CRM strategy can significantly improve employee productivity, increase customer satisfaction, enhance collaboration with partners and ultimately reduce the cost of operation and increase business revenues.


7. Spell out change management process

Spell out the change management process in the contract and made it known to the users of the CRM system. Change happens, and if there aren’t procedures in place, problems will occur. Sales and marketing people in particular tend to ‘do it their way’ and it is not uncommon for every sales person in the company to perform their tasks, activities and processes in a unique fashion. Work with your consultant early to determine the positive reinforcements, and negative penalties, that can be applied to address change management obstacles. Also discuss identifying rewards for good motivational performance, increasing compliance over time and rewarding those users who champion the CRM system among their peer groups.

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